We are excited that you have chosen to pursue one of our 健康科学 项目 and look forward to advising you during your time at TCL.

Now that you have been accepted to the Technical College of the LowCountry, you are starting your journey on working towards being accepted into a 健康科学 程序.

Important 登记 Information

  • Frequently monitor each individual Health Science page for updated information regarding your program.
    • How to get to the 健康科学 web pages:
      • jlxych.com → hover over 项目 and 类 → click on 健康科学 (under Career Pathways/项目) → choose program of choice.
    • On the 健康科学 程序 pages you will find
      • 课程简介
        • Courses required per program
      • 应用程序信息
      • Application Deadlines (when applicable)
      • 常见问题的
      • 学费/成本
  • 访问TCL电子邮件
    • It is imperative to use only your TCL email when communicating with TCL staff & 教师.
      • In your TCL emails to staff and 教师 should always include
        • 姓和名
        • 学生证(非常重要的)
        • 感兴趣的项目
        • Detailed information on what you are requesting from your advisor
        • 最好的联系方式
      • The more detail that is provided in your initial emails, the better we can assist!
  • 导航
    • 导航 is where you will be going through to register for your prerequisite courses for your Health Science 程序.
      • You will need your login & 密码.
      • Your student ID can also be located in 导航.
      • Access to the curriculum profile
        • Either a print out or view in a separate tab on your internet browser
  • We 建议 you to schedule an appointment with the 健康科学 or Nursing Navigator to register for your courses.
    • If you decide to register without meeting with an advisor first, you can always email to follow up if you have the correct courses.
      • The more communication between you and your advisor, the more prepared you will be for your program!
  • 转学
    • Please submit all official college transcripts from every school you have attended.
      • As part of the 健康科学 application process, it is a requirement we have every official college transcript you have attended on file.
    • Please ensure we have all official college transcripts in your file prior to our advising appointment.

*All Students applying to Health Science programs must have either official High School Transcript or GED on file as well as all official College transcripts.

Here is a breakdown for the order in which you can take certain courses at TCL:

  • 工程101→工程102
  • Psy 201→Psy 203
  • 垫155或垫102 → MAT 120
  • 垫101 & MAT 102 → MAT 110 (Radiologic Tech and Surgical Tech Only)
  • 垫155或垫102 & BIO 112 can be taken together
  • BIO 112* OR BIO 102→ BIO 210
    • If you are not transferring in any courses, you will be required to take BIO 112.
    • If you are transferring in upper level Anatomy courses, you may be waived from taking BIO 112.
  • 生物210→生物211 & 生物225

Approved Humanities electives can be found on this link:
http://catalog.jlxych.com/preview_program.php?catoid = 7&poid = 830&hl=humantities+electives&区=搜索

*Developmental pre-requisites, such as 垫101, 102, & 155, are optional for new students starting Fall 2023.




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